How to choose the right psychic

Millions of people seek advice from psychics and clairvoyants every year. This is not surprising. Sometimes, traditional advice simply cannot give you the answers you need, whereas a gifted psychic can often offer a wealth of insight. But how do you find the right psychic with good free psychics? There are so many con artists, and self-proclaimed “mediums” out there. How do you find a professional – someone who’s for real?

First, you should be aware of the basic kinds of skill levels for a psychic. Please refer to The 3 Basic Stages of Psychic Development. You definitely want to find someone who is at Stage 3.

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Some things to remember while on your quest for the right psychic.

1. Be wary of vague descriptions. This applies to both vagueness in a reading and how the psychic describes what they do. If their process and pricing are not laid out in a clear manner, stay away. This is a good sign that their advice will not be clear either. Communication skills are just as important to a psychic as spiritual insight. Advice that can be interpreted many different ways has little value.

2. Authentic readings charged by the minute? Not all “charge-by-the-minute” psychics are bad, but they do have a well-earned reputation for trying to keep you on the phone longer than you need to be. Authenticity also seems to be an issue here. One need only remember the “Miss Cleo” scandal.

3. Word of mouth is priceless. This is at the top of the list because nothing beats the opinion of someone you trust. If a psychic has been highly recommended by a friend who had a good experience with a reading, then this is someone you should consider giving a try.

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